DNNBackup : Backup - Restore - Clone

Evotiva DNNBackup
DNNBackup provides full backup and restore
of any DotNetNuke Installation (complete DNN instances).  The restore can be made back to the source server or to a new destination.

DNNBackup is perfect for moving DNN installations from your local development machine to a deployment server, from a remote server to another remote server or for archival purposes.  Power users are free to customize many options.

This Backup and Restore DotNetNuke module will work on ANY ISP, including shared servers like GoDaddy, WebHost4Life, Discount ASP and PowerDNN.
BackupScript Reviewed DNN Evoq Preferred Product Azure Compatible

DNNBackup is the evolution of BackupNative and BackupScript modules.


Major highlights

  • The perfect companion for DNNUpgrade (Accelerate and automate your DNN upgrades).
  • Ideal solution for website cloning, copy, move or archival.
  • Our backup technologies are always evolving, and have been tested by hundreds of happy users since 2005!. Check our reviews.
  • Easy to use: There is no need for the user to configure any setting
    The module is auto-configured with the optimal settings for the current hosting environment. Advanced users can customize what, when and where to backup.
  • This is the first DNN Backup module capable of producing standard easy to read SQL scripts.
  • SQL Server Native backups are a free feature (no license key is needed).
  • It does work on (Windows) SQL Azure
  • Many off-site backup option are available.
  • Evotiva DNNBackup can restore your site from scratch.

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Amazon S3     Windows Azure     Rackspace Cloudfiles     FTP backups     Dropbox     SFTP backups     FTP     Box.net



DNNUpgrade - Accelerate and automate DNN's upgrades

Evotiva DNNUpgrade
DNNUpgrade provides a set of tools that helps DNN users to accelerate and automate DNN sites upgrades.

DNNUpgrade is the perfect companion of DNNBackup enabling guided, safe and fast DNN Installations upgrades.
Azure Compatible



DNNGlobalStorage - Easily tie-in cloud-based, external file systems

Evotiva DNNGlobalStorage DNNGlobalStorage expands your DNN (DotNetNuke) and Evoq storage options beyond your Web Server, enabling a 100% integrated way to have your files wherever you want.
It is a set of folder providers which allows the integration of special, external, and cloud based file systems out of the box. For example: Microsoft AzureAmazon S3 / CloudFront, Dropbox,Box (formerly Box.net), Google Drive (including Google Docs), Rackspace Cloud Files (with its built-in CDN features), Microsoft OneDrive (SkyDrive), Office 365, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and UNC paths.
let us know if you need a provider not yet implemented.

Azure Compatible DNN Evoq Preferred Product

Major highlights

  • Easy to integrate into your DotNetNuke 6+/7+ Installation (it is a set of DNN folder providers).
  • This is the first and original product, where the ideas come from.
  • Allows core and 3rd party modules to utilize externally-persisted files (on Microsoft Azure, BOX, Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, Windows UNC, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.) without any modification.
  • Easily tie-in cloud-based, external file systems.
  • It is the perfect foundation for your DNN Documents Manager powered by our DNN UserFiles module.
  • Allows multiple instances of all providers pointing to different storage locations. This means, that you can connect your site to different sources of files, even of the same kind. E.g. you can have many different Windows Azure (on different subscriptions/containers), Amazon S3 (each one to different buckets), Dropbox connections (each one to different Dropbox accounts), BOX connections (including the free 5Gb accounts), many different FTP connections, Rackspace Cloud Files (with its built-in CDN features), multiple Google Drive / Google Docs accounts, any OneDrive or Office 365 account,  and various local or network paths mapped (Windows UNC).
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Windows Azure     Amazon S3     Dropbox     Windows UNC     FTP     Microsoft OneDrive     Microsoft OneDrive for Business     Microsoft Office 365     Microsoft SharePoint     Box.net     Rackspace Cloudfiles     FTP

DNN UserFiles - Flexible File and Documents Manager - List and Manager Files

Evotiva DNN UserFiles
Evotiva DNN User Files is an easy to use and flexible file and document manager that allows you to present template-based filtered views of the portal's files (served by any folder provider, including all DNNGlobalStorage's supported providers).
Azure Compatible DNN Evoq Preferred Product

Key features

  • Features compatibility with DNN virtual file system, easy to create templates, optional download tracking, and more.
  • 100% compatible with the DNN virtual File System. This means, you can use any folder provider, such as DNN's built-in secure provider, the ones provided by DNN GlobalStorage (Amazon S3, Windows Azure, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.), and also rely on the documents manager capabilities of the underlying provider. 
  • Very fast efficient handling large amounts of files.
  • Complete control over the way the files are presented to the user, via easy to create templates (basically, the templates are standard html files).
  • To create or update a template, you don't need to know anything about Razor, Angular, Knockout, or whatever; just plain and simple HTML.
  • Fully localizable, including an easy way to make the templates localizables.
  • Built-in support for DNN Taxonomy, enabling file's tagging and filtering.
  • Built-in support for DNN MetaData, such as adding Titles and Descriptions (free HTML text) to files.
  • Wide range of 'tokens' that you can include in your templates and the (optionally) dynamic root path for the files being listed.
  • DNN 6.2+ (even running under .NET 3.5) [version 2.0.4],  DNN 7+ and DNN 8+ are fully supported.
  • It supports a 'root folder pattern', who defines additional items (static and dynamic) that will be added 'at runtime' to the root folder that was defined. It supports tokens, such as [User:...], [Profile:...], [Module:...], [Tab:...], etc.
  • Three modes of operation are supported: "Normal": (a root folder (+pattern) is defined as the starting point; "Group": allows defining a common repository of files attached to a social group; and "User": provided for compatibility with DNN's Digital Assets module.
  • Optional support for 'querystring' parameters.
  • Option to provide a 'flat' view of all files included in the configured root folder and its subfolders.
  • Any folder provider is fully supported (even other providers, besides DNN GlobalStorage).
  • When utilized with DNN Global Storage (v 2.3 or later), it can provide enhanced functionality, like an optimized upload experience for Amazon S3 and Windows Azure
  • Option to hide files from users, based on which date a role was granted to them. It also provides an easy way for Host and Admin users to update the 'start date' of a file.
  • Optional  'URL Sharing' feature. Create your own 'share links' for everyone, with optional expiration date, password, and max downloads limits. You can find more information about this feature in the documentation and demo videos.
  • Optional downloads tracking.
  • Optional Filter by a list of allowed file extensions.
  • Powerful optional content-based search engine. This means, it can search for text inside office documents, pdf or txt files, etc.

When combined with a DNN Folder Provider (such as DNN GlobalStorage, it enables you to have your files secured in your favorite could storage provider
Windows Azure     Amazon S3     Dropbox     Windows UNC     FTP     Microsoft OneDrive     Microsoft OneDrive for Business     Microsoft Office 365     Microsoft SharePoint     Box.net     Rackspace Cloudfiles     FTP

About Evotiva

  • Since 2005, our products are trusted and tested by thousands of users worldwide. Check out our rank and reviews.
  • DNNBackup is the all-time #1 in the DNN Store when sorting the 'Top Modules' list by Average Review.
  • Two of our products are in the DNN Store Customers’ Must-Have Modules list.
  • Superb support.
  • Simple and flexible licensing installation and policy.


5.0 review rating Oz Property L says...

quote Simply superb module. Do not rely on your hosting provider for backups. When you do upgrades, backup your website using this module and it comes with fine SP and table validation tools as well.

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