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Cloning from an Evoq Social (on the Cloud) to a local machine

In this video we install DNNBackup in a DNN Evoq Social running on the Cloud, and we use it to clone the site to our notbook.

Cloning from an Evoq Social (on the Cloud) to a remote (not Azure) machine

In this video we'll restore the backup in a remote standard server. using the 'Restore Pack Loader' (a tiny web app that is installed in the server (via FTP) very fast.

Installing DNNBackup and performing your first backup

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Cloning (restoring) your DotNetNuke Installation from your DNNBackup files

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Configuring notifications and scheduled backups

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Tools and General Options

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(Advanced) Creating the database and Restoring when databaseOwner mismatch

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5.0 review rating Ismet D says...

quote BackupScript is a must have solution with Godaddy. Godaddy is cheap for DotNetNuke Hosting and they provide huge webspace and bandwith, but they dont provide auto backup/restore function. Once i contacted them they requested 150 usd for a restore. And that fee was one time fee. Instead of changing Godaddy, i decided to go with a Backup solution. And contacted with Evotiva. First i would like to thank support team for providing test license before purchase. I also, worked with DNNCassini Project (i dunno it still exist). After seeing module working perfectly i decided to buy it. I'm using it since last year and Godaddy was painless with Evotiva. I also would like mention about response time. Once i send my request to Support team, they contacted with me in same day (sometimes the response was even in a hour which is you may not see with other developers) I believe you will have more comfortable DotNetNuke portals with Evotiva. By the way, if Turkish users need help about usi

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