Demo / Documentation Videos

Cloning from an Evoq Social (on the Cloud) to a local machine

Cloning from an Evoq Social (on the Cloud) to a remote (not Azure) machine

Installing DNNBackup and performing your first backup

Cloning (restoring) your DNN Installation from your DNNBackup files

Configuring notifications and scheduled backups

Tools and General Options

(Advanced) Creating the database and Restoring when databaseOwner mismatch



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5.0 review rating Rutger S says...

quote This module saved me a lot of trouble twice already since I bought it less than a week ago. The user interface is great looking and self-explanatory. A good user manual is included, but you'll probably don't even need it. Backing up works perfectly, as does scheduling backup tasks. Restoring my live site to a local setup was also easily done. I haven't tried a restore of my live site, but I am confident this will work fine. A great module for a great price!

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