Demo / Documentation Videos

Installing in DNN 9 and applying a license key

Creating an Off Site backup to Google Drive

DNNBackup 8.0: Creating a backup (DACPAC method) of a web site running on Azure and using SQL Azure v 12. It will be saved in Amazon S3.

DNNBackup 8.0: Restoring (DACPAC method) an Azure site to a local web site using SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition

DNNBackup 8.0:Demoing the new 'database schema validation' tool

Cloning from an Evoq Social (on the Cloud) to a local machine

Cloning from an Evoq Social (on the Cloud) to a remote (not Azure) machine

Installing DNNBackup and performing your first backup

Cloning (restoring) your DNN Installation from your DNNBackup files

Configuring notifications and scheduled backups

Tools and General Options

(Advanced) Creating the database and Restoring when databaseOwner mismatch



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5.0 review rating Sean S says...

quote Does exactly what it is supposed to do, and that is work! Godaddy is TOO restrictive on everything, but with this tool you can get it up there, running, and get it done NOW! It took my site about 1/2 hour, with all the adjustments I had to make, but the software is quick, and the instructions are clear. Worth the money, get it if you are on godaddy and you plan to move your site from a non-godaddy machine to them (for the first time or not). Remeber you cannot RESTORE a DB that is backuped on a NON-GODADDY server, but with this, no problem...

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