DNN Backup - Release Notes

8.9.0 (Monday, December 18, 2023)

  • CHG:Fix for ZIP level options.
  • CHG:Updated for improved DNN 9.13+ compatibility.
  • CHG:Min DNN version: 7.3.2+

8.8.9 (Thursday, March 2, 2023)

  • ENH: Compatible with DNN v9.11.1+
  • ENH: Improved SFTP compatibility
  • CHG: Some minor updates

8.8.6 (Wednesday, September 14, 2022)

  • ENH: Compatible with DNN 9.11+. Important: Upgrade DNNBackup before upgrading to DNN 9.11+

8.8.5 (Saturday, May 7, 2022)

  • ENH: In addition to the current email notification, optional notification email to a different addresses list when there is an ERROR.
  • ENH: Updates to the Google Drive connector.
  • ENH: Varios small updates and fixes.

8.8.1 (Thursday, August 12, 2021)

  • ENH: Updated the Dropbox connector to support their latest security updates. Re-authentication could be required.
  • ENH: Updated the Google Drive connector to support their latest security updates. Re-authentication could be required.
  • ENH: Offsite SFTP option improvements.
  • CHG: Some general updates and small fixes.

8.7.7 (Tuesday, May 25, 2021)

  • ENH:DAC: Support system-versioned tables (SQL Server 2016+)
  • ENH:DAC backup/restore improvements
  • ENH:Restore: Improved restore performance dropping objects

8.7.4 (Saturday, January 30, 2021)

  • ENH: Allow very large uploads to DropBox
  • ENH: DAC backups: Support for SQL Server 2019 (Nov 2020)+

8.7.2 (Friday, July 24, 2020)

  • ENH: Improved .NET version report.
  • ENH: Restore wizard: Show 'is primary' portal alias in grid.
  • ENH: Tested on DNN 9.4, 9.5 and DNN 9.6
  • ENH: Restore Wizard: db connection defaults to standard database.
  • FIX: Direct backup file downloads could be corrupted on DNN 9.4+
  • FIX: Restore Pack updated for DNN 9.4+

8.6.1 (Monday, April 8, 2019)

  • ENH: New Tool to Shrink Database, Delete entries older than X day for DNN Admin Log, Site Log, Schedule History, and Host (Server) Log Files. I.e. .log.resources files under /portals/_default/Logs
  • ENH: Optimized blobs folders processing at restore time
  • ENH: New option to include tokens (variables) in backup file names.
  • ENH: Tested on DNN 9.3.2
  • ENH: New default values for some settings (related with SSL / TLS 1.2+)
  • FIX: Fix possible timeout deleting old (current) database objects before recreating them at restore time.
  • FIX: Fix possible SQL error scripting data of tables featuring a structure that goes against every SQL common sense and good practice.

8.5.1 (Tuesday, September 11, 2018)

  • ENH: Compatible with DNN 9.2.2.
  • ENH: Compatible with upcoming (Nov 2018) changes in the Box API.
  • ENH: DACPAC default restore settings updated for better compatibility.
  • ENH: Updated DACPAC API to the latest version.
  • ENH: Improved .NET version detection.
  • ENH: Avoids 'transaction log full' problem in most installations. It depends also in your database, DNNBackup cannot do magic(yet).
  • ENH: Improved database wipe out procedure after a restore operation.
  • FIX: Fixed wrong message errors at localhost regarding signalr.
  • FIX: Various improvements and bug fixes.

8.4 (Tuesday, April 3, 2018)

  • ENH: Database backup improvements ('script' and 'dacpac')
  • ENH: Restore Wizard improvements.
  • ENH: Improved support for various SQL Server versions and editions.
  • FIX: Solved database backup issues that could happen in DNN 8+, including all DNN 9 version up to DNN 9.2+
  • FIX: Solved Restore Wizard issues that could affect some DNN 9 installations.
  • NOTE: Created DNNBackup version 8.3.90. It's like 8.4 except it can run on .NET Framework 4.5. Many useful features will be unavailable, though. Notice .NET Framework 4.6 was released on 20 July 2015. It's time to upgrade the ancient .NET 4.5, I think...
  • NOTE: When upgrading from a previous DNNBackup version (any version released before 8.4) please request an updated license key BEFORE installing this version.

8.3 (Friday, March 16, 2018)

  • ENH: Compatible with DNN 9.2
  • ENH: Improved logs output.
  • ENH: Improved .NET version detection.
  • ENH: Improved SQL Server version detection.
  • ENH: Improved compatibility with sites running in the DNN Cloud offering in Azure.
  • ENH: Improved compatibility with case-sensitive SQL Server installations.
  • ENH: SMO script database backup: added support for UserDefinedTypes and UserDefinedTableTypes.
  • ENH: TSQL script database backup: added support for UserDefinedTableTypes.
  • FIX: Solved problem with backup/restore of 'script'database backups in DNN 9
  • FIX: General updates, bugs fixes and improvements.

8.2.1 (Sunday, October 15, 2017)

  • ENH: Upgraded DAC library. Improved DACPAC backup and restore operations.
  • ENH: New DACPAC backup settings.
  • ENH: New DACPAC restore settings. Improved restore experience between heterogeneous environments and SQL versions.
  • ENH: The log files now includes information about the size of the generated backup files.
  • ENH: Improved .NET version detection.
  • ENH: New 'cache' and 'temp' folders added to the default exclusions list.
  • ENH: Improved notification emails (fixed contents, and more).
  • ENH: Restore Wizard: improved .NET version mismatch detection.
  • ENH: Better feedback about missing 'db_owner' permission in the the module and Restore Wizard.
  • ENH: On screen feedback about outdated .NET version.
  • ENH: Added SignalR troubleshooting hints and tests.
  • ENH: Improved install and uninstall script.

8.1.2 (Tuesday, July 18, 2017)

  • ENH: Improved compatibility with DNN 9.1+
  • ENH: Upgraded DropBox library
  • ENH: Upgraded DAC library.
  • ENH: Improved 'in progress' page information.
  • ENH: Implemented workaround for 'HttpContext.Current is NULL' problem happening on some installations.
  • FIX: In some cases, editing a scheduled job enabled 'script' backup when it was disabled.
  • CHG: Requires .NET 4.6 or later.
  • NOTE: Please notice this (harmless) bug in DNN 9 up to at least 9.1.1: https://dnntracker.atlassian.net/browse/DNN-10143.
    You can comment / vote there for it to be fixed, and/or you can fix it yourself in your database as it is described in the DNN support ticket.

8.1 (Thursday, May 11, 2017)

  • ENH: Off Site: New Google Drive option.
  • ENH: Off Site: New Box option.
  • ENH: Off Site: Dropbox: Upgraded to the latest API (NOTE: Dropbox is shutting down their previous version of their API).
  • ENH: Off Site: Amazon S3: Upgraded to the latest API.
  • ENH: Off Site: Amazon S3: New 'Storage Type' setting.
  • ENH: Off Site: Amazon S3: Now supporting more regions and authorization mechanisms.
  • ENH: Off Site: Amazon S3: Improved UI.
  • ENH: Added reminder to perform "Database schema validations" when DACPAC backup is enabled and "Verify Extraction"is disabled.
  • ENH: New documentation videos.
  • ENH: Many small updates and improvements.
  • FIX: Added some optional DLLs required in some installations.

8.0.0 (Friday, March 3, 2017)

  • ENH: New DACPAC backup method. Built upon standard MS SQL Server APIs. In most cases, it allows SQL Server version upgrade/downgrade.
  • ENH: New tool: Validate database schema (finds invalid objects in the database). Please run it at least once, to verify your database (especially when relying on DACPAC backups).
  • ENH: Logs and on-screen output enhancements.
  • ENH: Restore Pack Loader enhancements.
  • ENH: Libraries updated for SQL Server 2016 compatibility.
  • ENH: Restore Wizard enhancements (notifications, useful warnings and information, etc.)
  • ENH: Enhanced background manual backup.
  • ENH: Log files now follow the same retention policies defined for the other files.
  • ENH: Tweaked Backup Priority options.
  • ENH: Lots of small (but useful) updates everywhere.
  • NOTE: If you are also using our DNNUpgrade module, please verify you are using version 1.8 or later.

7.8.1 (Thursday, August 25, 2016)

  • CHG: Starting with this version, DNNBackup requires DNN 7.10+ and .NET 4.5.2+.
    DNNBackup version 7.7 is still good for DNN4 and up, and .NET 3.5 and up.
  • ENH: Updated DropBox library. Now working in DNN 8.
  • ENH: Removed upload max. size limit for DropBox.
  • ENH: In new installations, the module will be auto-installed in a newly created Host page: Host > DNN Backup
  • ENH: Better handling of 'primary' portal aliases (Restore Wizard).
  • ENH: Updated Azure library. Now working in DNN 8 (Restore Wizard).
  • ENH: Restore Pack is now based on DNN 7.1 (no more .vb stuff)
  • ENH: The Schedule Task (schedule runner) now has a friendly name.
  • ENH: Updated the location where to configure the 'Schedule Mode' (now valid also for newer DNN versions).
  • ENH: Now the notification emails will reference the primary portal.
  • FIX: Off Site Uploads in 'the Backup Folder Browser' was unavailable when the paging controls were not visible.
  • FIX: Fixed crash editing a scheduled task with a specific configuration.

7.7.0 (Wednesday, June 8, 2016)

  • ENH: Download file: Improved compatibility with download managers.
  • ENH: Tested up to DNN 8.0.3
  • ENH: Better handling of encrypted objects in SMO mode.
  • ENH: Improved operation of setting a new default (primary) portal at restore time.
  • ENH: Added extra information in the backup metadata.
  • ENH: The scheduled task (scheduled runner) is no named, in the DNN versions that supports this.
  • ENH: Improved compatibility with databases installations where the db user does not have full rights.
  • CHG: No more messages/warnings when going from .NET 4.5 to .NET 4.6.
  • FIX: In some cases, the database was wrongly identified as 'local'.
  • FIX: TSQL mode: Fixed 'precision' for numeric, time, datetimeoffset, and datetime2 values.
  • CHG: Some other minor changes and bug fixes.

7.6.0 (Thursday, February 11, 2016)

  • ENH: Custom "from" notification email address.
  • ENH: New Schedule options: 'Work Days' and 'Weekends'.
  • ENH: Auto-delete uncompleted ZIP file.
  • ENH: The data in the backup.config file is now encrypted.
  • ENH: Database backup in T-SQL mode: added support for spatial indexes.
  • ENH: Database backup in T-SQL Mode: added support for more data types (hierarchyid, date, datetime2, time, datetimeoffset, and more.
  • ENH: Database backup in SMO mode: Upgraded SMO libraries up to SQL Server 2014 compatibility level.
  • ENH: Restore Wizard: Allow individual settings to be updated in the 'Critical Host Settings' page.
  • ENH: Restore Wizard: Improved information about a failing native restore due to missing server permissions.
  • ENH: Restore Wizard: Welcome Screen: Added information about the .Net and current SQL versions.
  • ENH: Native database backup: Added support for the "CHECKSUM" option.
  • ENH: New settings to allow notifications about new versions and license expiration.
  • ENH: Improved .NET version detection.
  • ENH: Added more useful data in the backup.config file.
  • ENH: Improved scheduled and manual backup logs.
  • ENH: Show warning message if the module is in a public page.
  • ENH: Improved security when launching a restore in a running DNN site.
  • CHG: Tweaked 'Exclude known tables list'.
  • FIX: Restore Wizard: It was allowing moving to the next page when some mandatory data was missing.

7.5.0 (Friday, March 13, 2015)

  • ENH: Option to delete entries older than XX days for EventLog, SiteLog and ScheduleHistory tables.
  • ENH: Now by default (new installations) the option to exclude search index files and cache files will be enabled.
  • ENH: Tools: Lists detailed information about the physical database files.
  • ENH: Settings auto-install: If a "Evotiva.DNNBackup.Settings.resources" file exists in the Host root folder (/portals/_default ) or the module's installation folder (DesktopModules/Evotiva-DNNBackup), it will be auto-applied (and deleted) when browsing to the module's main page, or when launching a backup.
    The "Evotiva.DNNBackup.Settings.resources" file, is a standard "Export Content" file generated from the module, renamed and edited as needed.
  • FIX: Solved problem truncating the DNN Event Log in DNN 7.4+

7.4.0 (Saturday, January 24, 2015)

  • ENH: Some UI enhancements.
  • ENH: Updated Azure API.
  • ENH: Off-site backup will upload the log file, and delete the local version if configured to do so.
  • CHG: Default retry for schedule runner updated to be compatible with any dnn version.
  • FIX: Fix script backup for some xml data (e.g. the 2SexyContent module’s ToSIC_EAV_DataTimeline table).
  • FIX: Fix standalone restore wizard connection to dropbox.
  • FIX: Fix email notifications when the module is in a ‘host’ page (in this case the email is sent to the defined ‘host’ email address).

7.3.0 (Wednesday, August 6, 2014)

  • CHG- New default settings for the scheduled task (DNN 7.3+ does not like the old ones).
  • ENG- Improved .NET 4.5 detection.
  • CHG- Updated the 'Browser' to allow querying off-site locations even when there are no local files.
  • ENH- New querystring parameter to avoid loading the available tables list: ?notables=1. This will leave empty the “Available” and “Assigned” lists, and set “Tables List” as “Backup data for ALL except the assigned tables”. I.e. this functionality will be disabled.
  • ENH- Speed (cache) improvements when loading the Database Settings page.
  • ENH- New database setting: Comma separated list of tables (full name) to exclude when scripting the tables’ data. It allows the '*' wildcard in the beginning or the end of each expression. This setting will be ignored if the "Assigned" list is not empty.

7.2.3 (Saturday, May 24, 2014)

  • CHG - Some general updates (minor).
  • FIX - Fixed some issue related with float data.
  • FIX - Fixed SQL 2005 compatibility issue with indexes (broken in 7.2.0).
  • FIX - Fixed SQL Azure compatibility issue related with spatial data.

7.2.0 (Thursday, April 24, 2014)

  • ENH - Updated for DNN 7.2.2.
  • ENH - Enhanced some UI elements in both the module and the restore wizard.
  • ENH - Clickable menu items images.
  • ENH - New design for app_offline.
  • ENH - Improved performance of the File System Folders' Size Analysis.
  • CHG - No more warning messages when going from .NET 4.0 to 4.5.

7.1.0 (Friday, December 6, 2013)

  • ENH - Updated for DNN 7.2.0
  • ENH - FIPS compliant.
  • ENH - Browser: Added option to upload a local file to any of the configured off-site locations.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: Even when not included in the portal files backup, some standard (empty) DNN folders are recreated.
  • ENH - Files backup: new options to allow easy excluding of the default DNN Search index folder and the default DNNUpgrade folder where DNN Upgrade Packages are saved.
  • ENH - Added more database information to the module's configuration pages and backup log file.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: Minor general improvements.
  • CHG - Updated FTP library.

7.0.2 (Aug 27, 2013)

  • CHG - No longer compatible with SQL Server 2000. You can still use 7.0.1, though.
  • FIX - Uncommon collation problems between system objects on some databases.
  • FIX - Uncommon database schema problems on some installations.
  • FIX - Avoids some uncommon issues that could happen when restoring backups created with some old versions of DNNBackup.

7.0.1 (Jul 26, 2013)

  • ENH - Compatible with DNNUpgrade.
  • ENH - Backup zip files are verified (integrity check) before being unzipped.
  • ENH - New ‘Run in background’ option for the manual backups.
  • ENH - New ‘Install Restore Pack’ option for the 'Launch Restore' button in the module's main page. It will auto-install the 'Restore Pack Loader', which will download and install the newest 'Restore Pack' and start the 'Restore Wizard' and if it were 'from scratch' (the restore process will not be disturbed by the DNN that was already running).
  • ENH - UI updates.
  • ENH - New query string setting which allows returning to a given Url after the backup is completed.
  • CHG - Some minor bug fixes and enhancements.
  • CHG - Updated documentation and created new demo/documentation videos.
  • FIX - "Exception: An item with the same key has already been added" should not be happening now.
  • FIX - ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ when restoring some old files backups on newer DNNBackup versions.
  • ENH - Compatible with DNN 7+

6.6.3 (Jun 19, 2013)

  • CHG - Some minor updates.
  • Note: License keys with Maintenance up to Apr 24, 2013 still can upgrade for free.

6.6.0 (Apr 24, 2013)

  • ENH - Files Backup: New settings for easily exclusion of common (unneeded) files and folders (Temporary folders, Cache folders, Log2Net log files, etc.).
  • ENH - Scheduled Incremental Files Backup: New 'New or updated files only’ setting. For scheduled backups, this setting tells DNNBackup to include only files created or updated after the last time this scheduled backup was run.
  • ENH - Scheduler Runner: settings optimizations.
  • ENH - Configuration > Scheduler: added DNN Scheduler optimization tips.
  • ENH - Scheduler: Improved 'Run Now' functionality.
  • ENH - Scheduler: New 'Run on Day of Week' setting (for weekly backups).
  • ENH - Scheduler: Now you can manually update the 'Next Run' date-time for any scheduled job.
  • ENH - Scheduler: Improved scheduler logic (helps to avoid user's configuration mistakes).
  • ENH - Scheduler: New 'Copy' functionality to duplicate a schedule job. This is useful to create a new schedule based on another, instead of make the new scheduled job's settings based on the current 'Manual backup' settings.
  • ENH - New 'Restore Pack Loader'. It is a tiny (10 Kb) web application you can install (unzipping it in your web's root folder, and browsing to the <web-root>/RestoreWizardLoader.aspx page) in your destination sever instead of the complete 'Restore Pack'.</web-root>
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: Detects and optionally disable 3rd. party Friendly URL providers (like Ifinity URLMaster). This help to avoid unexpected or undesired redirections when a site has been cloned to a different URL.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: Detects and optionally disable IIS's 'Rewrite' rules. Same as above, and also avoids the site crashing if this feature is not installed or enabled on the destination IIS server.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: Improved 'Choose Operation' page.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: Improved 'Update portal alias' feature. Now you can easily update every alias of every portal, and set the default alias for the configured portal alias mapping setting.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: Improved experience when restoring a multi-lingual site.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: Many enhancements on the 'Main Portal Alias and Safe Host Settings' page.
  • ENH - Enhanced on-screen update availability notification.
  • ENH - Shipped with 32x32 and 64x64 DNNBackup icons.
  • CHG - Scheduled backups: Now only the enabled off-site backup options can be selected.
  • CHG - 'FTP Test Connection' logic updates (to avoid 'The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.' message on some installations).
  • CHG - Changed the default value of some settings (e.g. ' Backup Run Threshold').
  • FIX - Restore Wizard: Now it will not attempt to unzip the database files from the 'Files Backup' if the site being restored is using a sql server express 'attached file' connection string.

6.5.4 (Nov 23, 2012)

  • ENH - Improved support for binary/varbinary columns.
  • ENH - Improved compatibility when scripting geography columns on some installations.

6.5.3 (Oct 10, 2012)

  • ENH - Rackspace cloudfiles: added support for UK based containers.
  • FIX - Fixed "Method not found (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.ScriptingOptions.set_TargetDatabaseEngineType...) error when scripting database objects on some environments running some SMO versions.

6.5.1 (Sep 14, 2012)

  • ENH - Restore wizard: Browse and restore backup files from any of the supported Offsite locations.
  • ENH - Implemented support for Windows (SQL) Azure.
  • ENH - Enhanced backup and restore logs, and on-screen information (e.g. when there is a .NET version mismatch regarding the source site).
  • ENH - Updated SMO libraries, providing better scripting for all SQL server versions and editions.
  • ENH - Improved TSQL 'database objects' scripting engine.
  • ENH - Better support for indexed views, and tables with multi-column primary keys.
  • ENH - Backup Browser: Full support (browse, download, delete) for all the supported offsite locations.
  • ENH - Many general improvements and updates.
  • FIX - Restore wizard: when updating the portal alias, if the alias already exists (with a different ID), it will not show an error.
  • FIX - When using an 'objectQualifier', the restore will not add it to independent tables found on the database being restored.
  • FIX - Fixed problem running scheduled backups on 6.5.0.

6.4.3 (Jun 24, 2012)

  • CHG - Updates for DNN 6.2.0 compatibility

6.4.2 (May 10, 2012)

  • ENH - New setting: Off-site file retention policy. It defines how many backup files to keep in the off-site locations. In order to keep compatibility with previous DNNBackup versions, the default value is “0” (which means, ‘keep all files’).
    You can have different policies for local and off-site backup files. For example, you may want to keep just one (or none) local backup file, and keep up to 5 (or more) backups in the off-site location(s).
  • ENH - Silent mode: now including warnings and error messages.
  • ENH - Instead of cancelling, the files' backup will continue when one or more file failed to be included in the backup file. The excluded files (if any) will be listed on the backup log.
  • ENH - New database information included in the backup and restore logs, and also in the 'file info' feature of the Restore Wizard.
  • ENH - New tweaks implemented in order to provide better support for PowerDNN’s shared hosting restrictions. This behind-scenes functionality will be activated when the module in configured to run in ‘below normal’ or ‘lowest’ priority levels.
  • CHG To avoid versioning issues with other DNN extensions, DNNBackup is now using a custom (own) version of the windows azure storage library.
  • FIX - solved 'false positive' error when disconnecting from Dropbox ('System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server')
  • FIX - fixed compatibility with some sites running on a medium trust environment (this was lost on 6.3.3)
  • FIX - Database_log.ldf file not being automatically excluded (when it should have) on DNNBackup 6.4.0.

6.3.3 (Apr 1, 2012)

  • ENH - new compression library. Faster, and now with proper support for Scandinavian, Greek, Chinese, Russian (i.e. any Cyrillic) characters.
  • ENH - improved CPU usage efficiency when the module is configured for low priorities values
  • ENH - new option for excluding files from the portal files backup. Explicit file names, or filename patters are allowed, and optionally recursive. You can find examples on the on-line help.
  • CHG - now a folder exclusion definition like “\portals\1\*” will exclude also the files on the \portals\1 root, not just its child folders, as it was in previous DNNBackup versions.
  • ENH - added the scheduled backup description to email notification and event log host alerts.
  • ENH - License key auto-install: if a “/portals/_default/Evotiva.DNNBackup.LicenseKey.resources” file is found or a “/desktopmodules/Evotiva-DNNBackup/Evotiva.DNNBackup.LicenseKey.resources” is found, it will be automatically installed (and the file deleted) when browsing to the module’s home page, when running a manual or scheduled backup, or when running the restore wizard in ‘standalone’ mode (and the key file was uploaded to /backup).
  • ENH - The files backup or restore will not stop if it cannot access a file or folder.
  • ENH - \App_Data\Database.mdf,\App_Data\Database.ldf will be automatically excluded from the files backup if the web site is using it (SQL Express 'attached' file).
  • ENH - more noticeable on screen hint about editing scheduled (not manual) database of files backup settings.
  • ENH - new option to manually clear an individual scheduled job’s history

6.2.0 (Feb 23, 2012)

  • ENH - Added support for SFTP offsite backups (this feature was sponsored by Foremost Media).
  • ENH - Database Backup, 'script' method: Added support to spatial data: 'geography' and 'geometry'.
  • CHG - Improved handling of internal backup configuration information.

6.1.0 (Dec 15, 2011)

  • ENH - Added support for Windows Azure offsite backups.
  • CHG - Minor general updates.

6.0.2 (Nov 16, 2011)

  • CHG - Dropbox changed something related with the Apps keys. This version supports this change.
  • CHG - Minor general updates.

6.0.2 (Nov 3, 2011)

  • FIX - Restored big Amazon S3 uploads (broken on 6.0.0).
  • FIX - Solved the "CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database xxxx. RESTORE FILELIST is terminating abnormally" error when attempting a native database restore on sql server 2008+. Note that if you don't have proper SQL permissions, it will fail anyway. More info: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms173778.aspx and http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms178569.aspx

6.0.1 (Oct 27, 2011)

  • ENH - Dropbox scheduled backups.
  • ENH - Now Dropbox integration also runs on medium-trust.
  • ENH - Enhanced community (free edition) features.
  • ENH - The 'Scheduler Runner' now includes more information. Anyway, each scheduled job still have their own details history log.
  • ENH - Reduce the files count and overall size of the Restore Pack.
  • ENH - Updated Restore Wizard UI, including additional useful information.
  • ENH - The Restore Wizard now verifies more possible issues before restoring (like having read/write permissions for the web.config file.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: When restoring a 'script' database backup you can filter (choose) individual tables or a group of tables to be restored (creating the table's contents).
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: new optional 'advanced' querystring parameters to control the speed of the restore process, and to choose a set of scripts to run (inserting table's data). Find details about this on the updated PDF documentation.
  • ENH - Upgraded all 3rd. party APIs (Amazon S3, Cloudfiles, etc.) to their latest version (from Oct 2011).
  • ENH - Renamed all 3rd party libraries to have an own (exclusive) version for this module. This will avoid all possible conflicts with other modules.
  • ENH - Removed dependency on log4net.dll, and all the shared 3rd. party APIs.
  • ENH - Updated documentation.

5.6.4 (Sept 29, 2011)

  • ENH - Added support for Dropbox offsite backups (for files up to 300MB).
  • ENH - Improved 'upload feedback' for all Offsite providers.
  • ENH - Improved support for database objects scripting.

5.6.2 (Aug 4, 2011)

  • ENH - Upgraded Amazon S3 library.
  • ENH - Improved manifest (installation) file for DNN5 and 6.

5.6.1 (Jul 21, 2011)

  • ENH - Updated for DotNetNuke 6.
  • ENH - Now including a installation manifest for DNN.

5.6.0 (Jul 1, 2011)

  • ENH - Updated for DotNetNuke 6 beta1.
  • ENH - Now including a installation manifest for DNN5.
  • ENH -DNNBackup allows export/import of its settings.
  • ENH -Restore Wizard - now allows you to disable SSL usage (let's say, you are restoring at localhost and you don't have a SSL certificate configured on your local web server).
  • ENH - The built-in license key (free edition) will have full functionality on any 'localhost' web site.
  • CHG - Changed the default sort order for Tools > Folders Size.
  • CHG - Some minor updates and fixes.

5.5.1 (May 12, 2011)

  • FIX - Re-enabled native backups restoring which for some 5.5.0 cases were disabled.
  • CHG - Some small updates and fixes.

5.5.0 (April 21, 2011)

  • ENH - New 'Tools' menu. It includes tables and files size analysis.
  • ENH - Improved handling of a specific restore case when the databaseOnwer does not match.
  • ENH - improved Restore Wizard workflow.
  • ENH - WebServers table could be refreshed as part of the Restore process.
  • ENH - New 'Demo / Documentation videos has been published.
  • FIX - Wrong handling of module’s upgrade availability checking when the target url is not available.
  • CHG - Some internal and UI changes.

5.4.1 (March 17, 2011)

  • ENH - More robust Amazon S3 uploads, also supporting files > 5gb.
  • ENH - More robust FTP uploads, also allowing to configure the server port.
  • ENH - Email notifications will include information about your subscription expiration, when the expire date is close and you have a subscription key.
  • ENH - Email notifications will let you know if a new version of the module was published (if the setting is enabled).
  • CHG - Some small internal and UI changes.
  • FIX - (5.4.1 release) Solved problem introduced on 5.4.0 regarding Amazon S3 buckets not located in US.

5.3.8 (March 10, 2011)

  • FIX - solved some objects (some specific indexes and views) not being scripted for 'database objects (TSQL or SMO modes).
  • ENH - increased compatibility and improver restore experience for most recent versions of ActiveForums and ActiveSocial.
  • ENH - implemented support for some SQL 2005+ functionality now being utilized by some 3rd. modules.
  • NOTE: Despite this version's release date, this is a free update for anyone holding licenses with Maintenance Date equal or greater than Feb 1, 2011.

5.3.4 (February 01, 2011)

  • ENH - possibillity to set more than one email address for notification.
  • ENH - the module will automatically tune some web.config settings if they are needed.
  • ENH - Improvements when running SQL Server 2000.
  • CHG - On new installations, some default settings have changed
  • CHG - Many small updates and fixes

5.3.3 (December 05, 2010)

  • ENH - upgraded sharpziplib to version 0.86.0 (better support for zero-length files in ZIP files with password).
  • ENH - Better support of 'special' characters in file names when unzipping a backup.
  • ENH - support ‘date’ database scripting (in addition to the already supported ‘datetime’ and ‘smalldatetime’ data types).
  • CHG - Offsite backup file name templates changed from To [backupfile], to avoid a ‘potential dangerous request’ error on some installations (mainly, when running .NET 4.0)
  • CHG - The documentation was updated.

5.3.2 (November 05, 2010)

  • FIX - Fixed broken compatibility with SQL Server 2000.
  • CHG - Compatible with DNN 5.6.0

5.3.0 (October 27, 2010)

  • EHN - Now the 'Recent Backups' includes the latest backups found on the configured backup folder, no matter the backup file's names.
  • EHN - Now native database backups includes metadata, to make it more easy for the Restore Wizard to set in the target server the proper default values for 'databaseOwner', 'objectQualifier', etc.
  • EHN -You can perform 'native' and 'script' database backups at the same time. In fact, this is the default behavior in new installations (if native backups are available on the source server). This is to make more easy the restore in a target server, where native restores may not be enabled by the ISP.
  • CHG - These email notification tokens are no longer valid: [DBBKP-FILENAME], [DBBKP-URL] (if found, the module will replace them on the fly with the 'script' database backup tokens).
  • ENH - New email notification tokens (to accommodate the new backup behavior): [DBBKPNATIVE-FILENAME], [DBBKPNATIVE-URL], [DBBKPSCRIPT-FILENAME], [DBBKPSCRIPT-URL]
  • ENH - More new email tokens:
    [BACKUP-START] : date-time the backup started. Sampe format: yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm:ss
    [BACKUP-END] : date-time the backup finished. Sampe format: yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm:ss
    [BACKUP-DURATION] : backup duration (hh:mm:ss), including off-site uploading activities
  • ENH - Start, End and Duration information was added to the backup log.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: The workflow for the different operations has been reduced. E.g.  among other changes, it will verify file permissions and the license key just once.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: when restoring a 'native' database backup, now same as it already was for 'script' backups, after restoring the files' backup there is nothing left to update manually. E.g. the web.config file will be already updated to match the current (target) server.
  • ENH - Restore Wizard: Improved UI and text messages. In particular, i was clarified a common issue (hidden native backups when they are unsuitable for the target environment). Now they are listed along with an explanation about how to proceed.
  • FIX - In same cases, the 'Recent Backups' information said '21 days ago' instead of '21 hours ago'.
  • FIX - Restore Wizard: In some cases, the on-screen target database information was inaccurate.
  • CHG - To avoid confusions, spaces are trimmed from the data in the Off Site backup information (user and password information, etc.)
  • FIX - Backups Browser: If you are deleting files on the browser that are on the second page, when you delete the last one, instead of going to the first page it shows an error.
  • Many small enhancements and fixes.

5.2.3 (September 21, 2010)

  • FIX - Fixed bug introduced in 5.5.0 and still present on 5.2.2 (Sept 14), related with Unicode support when scripting some tables with many 'blob' like columns

5.2.0 (September 4, 2010)

  • ENH - An empty database file (Database.mdf) is now included in the restore pack. In case you want to restore (clone) to a sql express file, the wizard will configure all for you.
  • ENH - Up to 800+% faster scripting of database objects (depending on your database schema).
  • ENH - Improved  methods for database objects scripting.
  • ENH - Unicode support for the dumped database contents.
  • Updated documentation and added new demo/sample videos.

5.1.0 (August 25, 2010)

  • ENH - Now all mail settings for a schedule job are editable on the main scheduler configuration section.
  • FIX - In 5.0.1, when editing a schedule job from the scheduler configuration section, the database backup got disabled.
  • CHG - The license key is now uploaded instead of pasted in a textbox. This change is to prevent a Breaking Change of ASP.NET 4 realted with the 'ValidateRequest=False' setting.
  • ENH - Improved Restore Wizard and Restore pack. No 'manual step' is now needed to restore a running DNN site or clone it somewhere else. The restore wizard will take care of everything; including updating the web.config file and some database settings when cloning a site to a different server, database and/or web domain. All files are restored to their proper original locations.
  • ENH - The Restore Wizard allows now all the restore options (guided database + files restore) even when restoring over an already running DNN site (the same source site or whatever target site in a new server).

5.0.1 (August 18, 2010)

  • ENH - Added new offsilte backup option: Rackspace CloudFiles.
  • ENH - Added new 'Silent mode' setting: It reduces the on-screen feedback about the ongoing process. This will make the backup consume fewer resources, and it will be also faster..
  • ENH - Added new backup thread priority setting: normal / belownormal / lowest. Set a below 'Normal' priority in case your ISP has set tight performance restrictions for your web site.
  • ENH - 'Exclude Folders List' in Files backup settings: it now can include a wildcard in the folder definition. I.e. you can define a list like this: \Portals\*\cache,\Portals\1,\Portals\0\R*,\Portals\0\ SpecialFolder\3*,\App_Data.
  • ENH - New 'Delete Local File' setting for offsite backups (FTP and/or Amazon S3 and/or Rackspace CloudFiles). To save space, the local file (database and/or files backup) is deleted after the transference was completed.
  • ENH - Multiples Schedules: You can define different and as many scheduled backups as you want. E.g. you can define a daily backup of the data that changes more often and a monthly backup for more static data. You can also create a schedule to copy a single table's data or a set of portal folders, or a job just to clear the DNN Event log or shrink the database, etc.
    IMPORTANT: Please create your scheduled backups and reconfigure the schedule runner (read more on the downloads page). 
  • CHG - The documentation was updated.

4.3.9 (July 9, 2010)

  • ENH - New setting for database 'native' restores. You can now take advantage of the SQL Server 2008 feature which allows the creation of compressed .bak files.
  • CHG - Implemented a workaround to avoid the 'The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters' message on some installations.


  • ENH - New setting for database 'native' restores. You can now restore a native restore created in other server (the 'WITH MOVE' restore clause was implemented).


  • ENH - New Amazon S3 library. Now it works also at GoDaddy. In addition,  uppercase letter in bucket names are not a problem anymore.
  • ENH - Published and additional module version best suited when running SQL Server 2008 and 'Script database objects' setting can be enabled.
  • CHG - Now /App_Data is included by default in the Files backup. If you are using a SQL Express 'file instance' it is OK, expected and harmless to get two error notifications like:
    •  Error adding file App_Data\Database.mdf to zip file. Exception: The process cannot access the file '\App_Data\Database.mdf' because it is being used by another process.
    •  Error adding file App_Data\Database_log.ldf to zip file. Exception: The process cannot access the file '\App_Data\Database_log.ldf' because it is being used by another process
  • CHG - The documentation (downloadable PDF) was updated.
  • CHG - Some tokens in the email notifications were slightly updated.
  • FIX - Wrong databaseOwner restoring a database backup (script method). It was always DBO instead of the configured user.
  • FIX - Proper 'case' for 1st. level folder names within a Files backup ZIP file
  • FIX - 'Last Run' label  'XX time ago' was wrong on some installations.
  • FIX - Better handling of tables with very huge nvarchar columns.
  • FIX - Some small fixes and enhancements.


  • ENH - Added new Offsite backup option to Amazon S3 ('medium trust' is supported).
               Note: FTP offsite backups are still supported, but requires 'full trust'.
  • CHG - IMPORTANT: The module's name was changed to avoid conflicts with UrlScan (an IIS Server add-on) on some servers. YOU MUST UNINSTALL THE PREVIOUS VERSION BEFORE INSTALLING THIS ONE.
  • CHG - Many other small changes and enhancements.
  • FIX - SMO credentials with uppercase characters are now accepted.
  • FIX - Solved 'String was not recognized as a valid DateTime' error when performing a scheduled backup on some servers.


  • ENH - Improved Native restore support.
  • ENH - Added information in the DNN Event Log about different backup events (“Host Alert” / ‘DNNBackup Notice’).
  • ENH - Added new setting (Configuration > General Settings > Backup Run Threshold) to prevent multiple backups (manual or scheduled) running at the same time.
  • ENH - Improved prevention of duplicate scheduled tasks on DNN version < 5.2.
    In DNN 5.2+ the DNN Core scheduler bug was possible fixed: http://support.dotnetnuke.com/issue/ViewIssue.aspx?ID=10467&PROJID=2
  • CHG - DMO support was removed because it does not support some newer data types and it's too old. It was a lot faster than SMO but we should remove it.
    NOTE: Please browse to the Database Settings page, click on the new new 'Clear Cache' link, verify your settings and save the changes.


  • ENH - Updated to support some DNN 5.2 changes.
  • ENH - New 'with replace' (Overwrite the existing database) native restore setting.
  • ENH - Long timeout for shrink database and truncate DNN event log operations.
  • ENH - Added 8kb more for ‘in line’ scripting (missing PK proof).
  • ENH - The module will try to avoid running duplicated scheduled backups (DNN core bug, which could be solved in DNN 5.2). In addition, the module will not run a scheduled backup if another schedule was completed ten or fewer minutes ago. ADVICE: disable (left blank) the scheduled task's 'retry frequency'.
  • CHG - DMO automatically disabled for attached databases (SQL Server Express).
  • CHG - Shortened the script file names to help avoiding PathTooLongException on some servers ("The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters").
  • CHG - Added a simplified 'Alternate Link' for 'Request License Assistance' which will work with email clients where the main link does not work (i.e. some Outlook Express versions).
  • FIX - 'safer' handling of binary data types ('script' backup).
  • FIX - Fixed 'Index and count must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: count' error thrown on some installations when scripting some tables.
  • FIX - Fixed wrong backup path/folder reference for scheduled backups on some servers.
  • FIX - Fixed problem in some installations where the backup process simply stops running without any apparent reason.


  • ENH - some minor global enhancements and added more detailed information about the database in the configuration pages.
  • FIX - proper identification of 'local' database in some servers.


  • Public Official Release - Initial feature set.

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