Subscriptions and Notifications add-on for DNNUserFiles

Subscriptions and Notifications

Enable users to subscribe to folders and/or individual files, and get notified when anything changes.
For example:

  • When a file is uploaded or updated (overwritten by a new version)
  • When a file or folder is deleted
  • When a new folder is created
  • When a file or folder is renamed
  • When any property (title, description, tags) of a file or folder is updated

In the module's settings page, you can chose which notifications will be enabled.

The notification template can be customized, and versions in different languages can be created creating new versions of View.ascx.resx and editing any "Notification...." entry defined there.


  • DNN 7.2.2 or later.
  • Add-on version 1.1: DNNUserFiles 3.12.5 or later.
  • Add-on version 1.0: DNNUserFiles 3.5.0 to 3.12.4.


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