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Evotiva DNN GlobalGallery Azure Compatible

DNNGlobalGallery is an easy to use and flexible media gallery, optimized for local or external media files, featuring many unique and powerful features.

It is the best way to create galleries of media you already have either locally (in your web server) or hosted in your favorite could storage provider.

Key Features

DNN Global Gallery is an easy to use, fast, and flexible media gallery, optimized for local or external media files served by any folder provider, including all DNNGlobalStorage's supported providers.

Optimized for cloud storage providers

Buti-in special features designed to work with external files hosted in your favorite could storage provider or external file system.

Thumbnails and Local Versions

Highly optimized and customizable dynamic or static thumbnails for images and videos.
Option to create local smaller and customized versions of images (useful when working with media in slow external file systems).
Automatic background images for folders.

Dynamic root folder

Any combination of DNN Tokens (including all standard tokens such as [User:UserName] or [Tab:TabID]) can be set as part of the final (defined at run-time) module's root folder.

Robust Files Uploader

Multiple files can be uploaded simultaneously, including big files (larger than 4 GB), and optimized for DNNGlobalStorage (cloud files providers).

Flexible UI

Modern, flexible and fully customizable User Interface, powered by simple (yet powerful) and easy to templates built using standard HTML files (templates).

Responsive and Touch Friendly

DNNGlobalGallery is shipped with responsive and touch-friendly built-in templates.

Powerful Search Options

Without needing a batch indexer (search engine), DNNGlobalGallery can instantly locate files by by name, title, description, extension, and tags.

Tagging done right

Attach one or more tags to any document. DNNGlobalGallery implements the native DNN taxonomy system, which means you can share the same 'vocabulary' across any other core or 3rd party extension.

Granular Permissions

DNNGlobalGallery is backed by the native DNN Folders Permissions, which means the permission (read, write, browse, etc.) can be interchangeably set in the module or the standard DNN Digital Assets Manager.

Metadata for your media

Title, Description, and Tags: You can attach useful metadata to your files. The best part is that this is implemented as standard DNN meta-data, which means this data can be seen and reutilized by any core or 3rd party extension.

Cloud storage support

DNNGlobalGallery supports any DNN 'folder provider'. This means you can host your files anywhere for which you have a folder provider installed in your DNN site.
For example, using DNNGlobalStorage you can secure your files in a UNC share, Amazon S3, OneDrive, Box, Azure, Google Drive, etc. You can even connect a remote FTP folder.

Configurable Filters

Tell DNNGlobalGallery to show only documents featuring a given set of file's extensions and/or tags.

Multiple Languages Support

Every static text can be localized to any language. in addition, the template files supports the DNN standard localization internally (via tokens) and externally (using the standard DNN files naming convention).

Downloads Tracking

Who, when from where? Count and track downloads. Monitor everything from a highly configurable online report, and export your data to MS Excel for further processing.

Social Groups' Media

DNNGlobalGallery can be configured to manage the files related with a given 'Social Role'. This mode of operation also supports the 'Dynamic Root' feature.

Compatible with DNN core's 'User Mode'

In mode of operation, the module's root will be set (dynamically) as the standard 'User Folder' defined by DNN. Combining this with the 'Dynamic Root' feature is allowed.

Scope and behavior for Subfolders

DNNGlobalGallery can automatically exclude the subfolders, present all files (in all subfolders) as a flat list, or show the regular folder's structure.

Sorting and Paging

You can define a default sort order which users can change at run time. Paging can be enabled, along with a default initial page size, which can also be changed at run time.

Query String Parameters

DNNGlobalGallery supports defining the root folder or social group via URL (query string parameters).

Microsoft Azure Compatible

Tested and approved to run in Microsoft Azure.

Choose which features will be available

The module has many features. Any of them can be turn on or off depending on your needs.

Powerful tokens

A wide set of powerful tokens is provided, which can be utilized in the templates and when defining a 'Dynamic Root' (for example: [GlobalGallery:QueryString|element]).

Built Upon Standards

DNNGlobalGallery was built upon DNN standard APIs. This means, no obscure proprietary API is needed to work with its data or share it with other extensions. Its API is the DNN Core API: files and folders, metadata, tagging, notifications, and folder providers.

Avoid unauthorized direct access

You can secure your files making them impossible to be downloaded directly by simply using DNN's built-in 'Secure' or 'Database' Folder Providers. Make them even more secure hosting them outside DNN, in a private cloud folder structure in Azure, Amazon S3 or anywhere supported by DNNGlobalStorage.

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  • This is the only DNN Gallery Module designed to work well with files outside DNN (mapped via Folder Providers). You can have your files in Azure, S3, Dropbox, SharePoint, etc.
  • Features compatibility with DNN virtual file system, easy to create templates, optional download tracking, and more.
  • A simple (yet powerful) gallery for your local or off-site media files.
  • Optimized for remote media providers.
  • GlobalGallery is best way to create galleries of media you already have.
  • You can use it as a traditional gallery module too. I.e. upload your images from the module itself. The images will be uploaded to the DNN web server or anywhere (Box, UNC, FTP, Azure,...) depending on the target folder's
  • Many modules (including many popular gallery modules) are unable to handle files outside the DNN web server. This module includes settings that will allow you to create lighter versions of your images, for other modules to use.
  • You can manage the same files in any other module (such as DNNUserFiles or DNN's Digital Assets) using the standard DNN file manager and metadata.
  • Multiple 'local cache' options for optimized local copies of remote images. Useful to be referenced by other modules not optimized for remote media.
  • Highly optimized and customizable dynamic or static thumbnails, for images and videos.
  • Option to create local smaller and customized versions of the images. This is useful when working with items found in external / slow file systems.
  • 100% compatible with the DNN virtual File System. This means, you can use any folder provider, such as DNN's built-in secure provider, or the ones provided by DNN GlobalStorage (Amazon S3, Windows Azure, DropBox, BOX, Google Drive, etc.), and also rely on the documents manager capabilities of the underlying provider. 
  • The best way to create galleries of media (images and videos) you already have.
  • Supported video formats: webm and mp4
  • Complete control over the way the files are presented to the user, via easy to create templates (basically, the templates are standard html files).
  • To create or update a template, you don't need to know anything about Razor, Angular, Knockout, or whatever; just plain and simple HTML.
  • Fully localizable, including an easy way to make the templates localizable (multilingual).
  • Mobile friendly.

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  • Automatic thumbnails generation for images and videos.
  • Automatic background images for folders
  • Configuring some simple settings you can configure the module to provide users their own 'sand boxed' place for private files
  • Wide range of 'tokens' that you can include in your templates and the (optionally) dynamic root path for the files being listed.
  • DNN 7+DNN 8+ and DNN 9+ are fully supported.
  • It supports a 'root folder pattern', who defines additional items (static and dynamic) that will be added 'at runtime' to the root folder that was defined. It supports tokens, such as [User:...], [Profile:...], [Module:...], [Tab:...], etc.
  • Three modes of operation are supported: "Normal": (a root folder (+pattern) is defined as the starting point; "Group": allows defining a common repository of files attached to a social group; and "User": provided for compatibility with DNN's Digital Assets module.
  • Built-in search by text (name and title) and tags.
  • Optional support for 'querystring' parameters.
  • Option to provide a 'flat' view of all files included in the configured root folder and its subfolders.
  • Built-in support for DNN Taxonomy, enabling file's tagging and filtering.
  • Built-in support for DNN MetaData, such as adding Titles and Descriptions (free HTML text) to files.
  • Built-in support for basic files and folders management: add, delete, rename, etc.
  • Any folder provider is fully supported (even other providers, besides DNN GlobalStorage).
  • When utilized with DNN Global Storage (v 2.3 or later), it can provide enhanced functionality, like an optimized upload experience for Amazon S3 and Windows Azure
  • Optional downloads tracking.
  • Optional Filter by a list of allowed file extensions.
  • Optional Filter by a list of allowed file tags.

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When combined with a DNN Folder Provider (such as DNN GlobalStorage, it enables you to have your files secured in your favorite cloud storage provider.

Windows Azure Amazon S3 Dropbox Windows UNC FTP FTP FTP Box.net Rackspace Cloudfiles Microsoft OneDrive Microsoft OneDrive for Business Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft SharePoint

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