Our Services

DNN Upgrade

We can help you with the backup, cloning and upgrading of your DNN web sites. We have over 12 years helping clients to perform successful and painless DNN upgrades.

Learn more at evotiva.com / Upgrade Services.

DNN Relocation

We have many years of experience moving (relocating) DNN installations between ISPs and/or private servers.

Learn more at evotiva.com / Relocation Services.

DNN Support

Our experience with lots of DNN installations, upgrades, and different DNN versions (we are working with DNN since the 2.x series), as well as administrating DNN installations of many sizes and complexities, brought us good experience dealing with broken, faulty or hard to solve issues.

Learn more at evotiva.com / DNN Support.

Custom development

Evotiva, based in Uruguay (Uruguay: The Silicon Valley of South America), is a software design and development company, specializing in DNN extensions development.

We can provide a dedicated and cost effective development team of senior level developers with proven DNN expertise and best of class solutions. The highest quality services at competitive rates.

Learn more at evotiva.com / Custom development.

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