DNN User Files - Release Notes

3.15.0 (Monday, December 18, 2023)

  • FIX:Fix download on iOS.
  • ENH:Security and performance improvements.
  • ENH:When 'force download' isn't enabled, the file is opened in-place, to avoid popup blockers and iOS issues.
  • ENH:Upgraded some dependencies.
  • ENH:Licensing: better compatibility with Azure hosting.
  • CHG:Min DNN version: 7.3.2+
  • CHG:Updated for improved DNN 9.13+ compatibility.

3.13.11 (Thursday, February 18, 2021)

  • CHG: Updated templates
  • CHG: Compatible with newer JQuery versions (fixes e.g. placeholder text of the 'search for tags' textbox)
  • CHG: Updated compatibility with DNN 9+ localization changes. Note: In DNN 9+ some 'SharedResources' needs to be localized in DNN's \App_GlobalResources\SharedResources.resx because the module's files are ignored by DNN.
  • FIX: Renaming a folder could make on-screen data invalid.
  • FIX: Possible wrong date format when uploading files, editing a file's date or creating share links.

3.13.7 (Thursday, June 4, 2020)

  • ENH: Compatible with DNN 9.6.
  • ENH: Now you can optionally set files' metadata (title, description, date) at upload time.
  • ENH: Besides administrators, users in role "FileDateEditors" are allowed to edit file's dates.
  • FIX: Fixed caching problems.
  • FIX: Fixed upload problems on some configurations.

3.12.5 (Thursday, October 31, 2019)

  • ENH: Updated subscriptions add-on (version 1.1). New setting to enable notifications for child items of subscribed folders.
  • ENH: DNN Search integration: speed up deletion of items from the DNN core index when an item is deleted in the module.
  • FIX: Various bug fixes.

3.12.0 (Saturday, September 7, 2019)

  • ENH: Option to license by IP address.
  • ENH: Improved logic to select/unselect tags (hierarchy).
  • ENH: Allow editing tags on folders (default tags for uploaded files).
  • ENH: Apply each parent folder's tags when a file is uploaded.
  • FIX: Fix to tags tree indentation (hierarchy) when using some themes.

3.11.1 (Saturday, August 31, 2019)

  • ENH: New add-on: advanced PDF thumbnails for local and remote PDF files
  • ENH: New template setting: "Items Wrapper": div (default) or tbody (new option)
  • ENH: New setting Read-only Hierarchy?
  • ENH: Option to select tags from a tree (Hierarchy Vocabularies) instead of typing them.

3.10.4 (Wednesday, July 31, 2019)

  • ENH: Updated the default 'Download List' template to include the file's description when it is available.
  • ENH: Updated the default temmplate to include an alternate 'thumbnails' view and a folders tree in a new left panel.
  • ENH: Generate thumbnails from PDF files.
  • ENH: New [UserFiles:FoldersTree] Folders tree token.
  • ENH: New [UserFiles:SwitchView]token.
  • ENH: New token [UserFiles:ToggleFoldersTree] token.
  • ENH: New optional template file: ItemAlt.html. When it is available, [UserFiles:SwitchView] will switch the current view between the regular ItemAlt.html and the new ItemAlt.html item template.
  • ENH: No need to enable the setting "Enable ItemUrl Token?" for local files.
  • ENH: Tested in DNN 9.4
  • ENH: New setting "Use Alternate View by default?"
  • ENH: New setting "Show Folders Tree by default?"
  • ENH: New file extension icons. Displayed by the [UserFiles:ItemThumbImage] if a thumbnail cannot be generated.
  • ENH: You can have your own extension icons at Portals/_default/Evotiva-UserFiles/Images/
  • Fix: Some minor bug fixes.

3.9.0 (Monday, May 20, 2019)

  • ENH: The settings page show each GroupID along with its name.
  • ENH: New setting to force a custom (any) query string parameter to exist. Otherwise access to the content is denied.
  • ENH: The default template (item details) now includes the FileID or FolderID.

3.8.1 (Thursday, April 4, 2019)

  • ENH: Optimized speed of DNN Search indexing integration.
  • ENH: New settings: "Use a plain text editor for Descriptions?" and "Descriptions as plain text?"
  • ENH: Now a 'moduleId' querystring parameter is required along with a "folderid" or "groupid" querystring parameter. Only the module in the page matching this moduleid will navigate to the requested folder or group (when "Ignore QueryString FolderId" or "Ignore QueryString GroupId" are disabled).
  • ENH: New option to navigate directly to a file's detail page via query string parameters: moduleid + folderid (or groupid) + fileid. Example: https://example.com/somepage/moduleid/12/folderid/345/fileid/6789
    . NOTE: It works only when "Ignore QueryString FolderId?" is disabled.
  • ENH: Now the "Get File URL" dialog will alos include a "Navigate URL" when it is appropriate.
  • CHG: "Track downloads" setting now disabled by default.
  • FIX: Creating the thumbnails, avoid 'out of memory' for CMYK images.
  • FIX: Fixed error editing file's datess in some non US locales.
  • FIX: Fixed error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'innerHTML'" happening on some Evoq installations.
  • FIX: Fixed settings related with query string values (folderid and groupid) not working. [v 3.8.1]

3.7.4 (Tuesday, November 20, 2018)

  • ENH: New Advanced Module's Permissions. More information in the documentation page.
  • ENH: New option for admins to see and edit the root folder, including its permissions.
  • ENH: Updated FontAwesome version and compatibility mode with previous versions running in the site.
  • ENH: New setting to hide breadcrumbs
  • ENH: Updates and fixes related with the Subscriptions Add-on version 1.0.4 (including fixes for IE)
  • FIX: Fixed rendering issues in some Evoq installations.
  • FIX: Fixed SQL timeout on some installations when running the advanced search indexing tasks.
  • FIX: Various bugs fixes and small improvements.

3.6.0 (Wednesday, July 25, 2018)

  • ENH: Optional standard DNN Search (side wide) integration, including the file's contents indexing and all the metadata: tagging, titles, description, etc.
  • ENH: Updated built-in default templates.
  • ENH: Search by description is now also included in standard mode (it was already included in the advanced mode)
  • ENH: New version available for the Subscriptions and Notifications add-on: 1.0.2
  • FIX: Fixes related the Subscriptions add-on.
  • FIX: Fixed downloads count now working with some settings combinations.

3.5.0 (Wednesday, July 4, 2018)

  • ENH: New Subscriptions and Notifications add-on now available.
  • ENH: The default date formats are now sensitive to the current user's language configuration.
  • ENH: Implemented workaround for some DNN 9 versions having problems adding a new module to a page.
  • ENH: Security enhancements.
  • ENH: Optimizations for sites running DNN 9+.

3.4.0 (Monday, May 14, 2018)

  • ENH:Improved reporting (filters, excel export,...)
  • ENH: New and updated templates.
  • ENH: New [UserFiles:ItemHardDownload] token. Despite "Enable View (Open)" setting being enabled or not, it will perform the 'download' action.
  • ENH: New [UserFiles:ItemViewUrl] token, and "Enable ItemViewUrl Token" setting. This feature requires DNNGlobalStorage 4.5+
  • ENH: New [UserFiles:ItemView] token, and "Enable View (Open)" setting. This feature requires DNNGlobalStorage 4.5+
    The setting enables using the token (which is usually unneeded). Besides this, the setting makes the action available in the context menu.
    Notes: (1) If [UserFiles:ItemView] fails to acquire a 'view ur', it will perform a regular download.
    (2) Views (i.e. opening file in their native location) count as downloads.
  • CHG: Changed behavior of [UserFiles:ItemDownload]. If "Enable View (Open)" and "Prefer View (Open)" settings are enabled, will try to open the file in its native source (OneDrive, Box, DropBox, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Office 365) instead of downloading the file. If a 'view url' cannot be acquired, the file will be downloaded.
  • CHG:Bug fixes and improvements.

3.3.1 (Saturday, March 31, 2018)

  • ENH: New option to automatically send a notification to the portal Administrators when a file is uploaded.
  • ENH: New option to automatically create journal (user feed) entries when a file is uploaded.
  • ENH: Improved workaround for DNN failing to save the right file size for very large files
  • ENH: Ready for DNN 9.2
  • FIX: Fixed indexing issues' when using the 'Advanced Search'.
  • FIX: General updates, bugs fixes and improvements.

3.2.0 (Saturday, February 24, 2018)

  • ENH: PDF files previewing.
  • ENH: Comments (powered by Disqus) can be enabled for files and folders.
  • ENH: Download a folder (all its contents) as a ZIP file.
  • ENH: You can define a 'Title' for Folders. It will be rendered by the [UserFiles:ItemTitle] token.
  • ENH: You can define a 'Description' for Folders. It will be rendered by the [UserFiles:ItemDescription] token.
  • ENH: New 'Preview' settings section.
  • ENH: New 'Comments' (Disqus) settings in the 'Integration' section.
  • ENH: Improved default templates.
  • ENH: 'Expand all' / 'Collapse all' in the settings page.
  • ENH: Performance optimizations.
  • CHG: Updates and bug fixes.

3.1 (Thursday, February 22, 2018)

  • Non public release.

3.0.1 (Wednesday, January 3, 2018)

  • ENH: Redesigned built-in templates: 100% responsive, touch friendly, unbreakable by any DNN theme. optimized and including new built-in features.
  • ENH: Improved tokens: Now they can included partially localized text. Example: [UserFiles:Delete|<i class="fa fa-trash fa-lg"></i> RESX:Delete]
  • ENH: New and updated tokens: Some are obsolete but allowed, but others are no longer supported. Please see the updated Documentation page. If you have a custom template, it will be very easy to update simply taking a look at any of the new built-in templates.
  • ENH: Improved 'Edit Date' feature.
  • ENH: Improved Advanced Search index updates. Now the index is updated almost instantly, triggered by data changes.
  • ENH: Improved scheduled task logging information (e.g. re-indexing vs incremental index update).
  • ENH: Improved context menu.
  • ENH: Improved download experience in iOS devices.
  • ENH: Improved usability. I.e. now the file's details will not be automatically opened unless you explicitly select this action to happen.
  • ENH: Allows tags including any Unicode character.
  • ENH: Searching and filtering improvements: Now you can enable the DNN Taxonomy (add tags to files), search and filter by tags even when the Advanced Search isn't enabled.
  • ENH: New 'Filter by Tags' setting.
  • ENH: New 'Ask for download confirmation' setting. Some people may find annoying clicking on something and see an unwanted download starting right away.
  • ENH: New 'Hide Extension from Name' setting. When enabled it will show for example 'myimagename' instead of 'myimagename.jpg'.
  • ENH: New 'Enable Paging' setting.
  • ENH: New 'Pager Always Visible' setting.
  • ENH: New 'Debug Mode' setting. Useful when developing templates.
  • ENH: Settings page: added explicit information about which extension filters can be included in the module (a subset of the extensions allowed by the Host).
  • ENH: Settings page: Improved root folder selection. Now you can search for a folder by path or name.
  • ENH: Pressing the enter key in the search box will work even when the DNN admin bar (DNN 7 and 8) is present.
  • ENH: Visual improvements when loading pages including lots of data (many modules, not necessarily UserFiles instances) and/or many UserFiles instances in the same page.
  • ENH: Removed all dependencies to the old Telerik library.

2.6.10 (Monday, April 3, 2017)

  • ENH: Now the advanced search also indexes the titles and descriptions.
    Note: Issue a "full reindex" after installing this release.

2.6.9 (Friday, March 3, 2017)

  • CHG: Removed some dependencies to avoid possible problems with other extensions.
  • FIX: Some dialogs were broken in DNN versions < 7.3
  • FIX: Open the 'Edit tags' dialog from the context menu.

2.6.8 (Thursday, February 23, 2017)

  • ENH: Optimized and improved notifications.
  • FIX: Restored demo mode functionality.
  • FIX: "Folder Properties" and "File Description" dialogs are now compatible with more friendly url configurations.

2.6.7 (Tuesday, January 24, 2017)

  • CHG: Many improvements and bug fixes.

2.6.5 (Thursday, November 17, 2016)

  • ENH: New 'URL Sharing' feature. Create your own 'share links' for everyone, with optional expiration date, password, and max downloads limits. You can find more information about this feature in the documentation and demo videos.
  • ENH: New "Download as URL" setting. When enabled, the download action will redirect to the raw file's url instead of its contents.
  • ENH: Improved PopUp dialogs (now featuring maximize/restore buttons).
  • ENH: CSS normalization and improvements.
  • CHG: Updated 'Force Downloads' setting behavior for better compatibility with iOS devices.
  • FIX: Solved paging issues in subfolders.

2.5.6 (Monday, September 19, 2016)

  • ENH: New token: [UserFiles:ItemUrl]
  • ENH: Allow very big uploads (4GB or more). Note: requires a DNN table update, until DNN Corp fix the files' max size in the core Files table.
  • ENH: New extension entry point. An optional OnEvotivaUserFilesDataBound(sender) function that can be implemented in templates (template.js). it will be called on every data page update.
  • ENH: New setting: enable ItemUrl token.
  • CHG: Some small bug fixed and minor updates.

2.5.3 (Tuesday, July 12, 2016)

  • ENH: Allow multiple instances of the module in the same page (each one with their own configuration).
  • ENH: Ability to delete folders, via token ([UserFiles:Delete]) or via the context menu.
  • ENH: Ability to rename folders, via token ([UserFiles:EditName]) or via the context menu.
  • ENH: New token: [UserFiles:Properties]. It allows renaming a folder and/or editing its security permissions.
  • ENH: New setting: Enable folder permissions editing for nobody, administrators or any user will full permissions (list, open and write) in the folder.
  • ENH: Important security enhancements.
  • ENH: Many code optimizations and UI enhancements.
  • ENH: The Built-in templates were enhanced.
  • ENH: Avoid opening a new window when downloading files.
  • FIX: Solved problem with web apps in subfolders and child portals.
  • CHG: Breaking change: If you use custom (user) templates, please implement these small updates:


    <div id="divEvotivaUserFilesItemPlaceHolder"></div>
    <div id="divEvotivaUserFilesItemPlaceHolder[Module:ModuleId]"></div>

    <div class="evotivaUserFilesItemPane">
    <div class="evotivaUserFilesItemPane[Module:ModuleId]" data-item="[UserFiles:ItemId]">

    <div class="evotivaUserFilesItemPane">
    <div class="evotivaUserFilesItemPane[Module:ModuleId]" data-item="[UserFiles:ItemId]">

2.4.6 (Friday, May 27, 2016)

  • ENH:Added Folder Name action.
  • CHG:Implemented a workaround to avoid a site crash when some conditions are met in DNN 8 due to an undocumented breaking change in DNN.
  • FIX:Solved JavaScript problems in some DNN 8.0.2+ installations.

2.4.5 (Wednesday, March 16, 2016)

  • FIX: 'Add Folder' and 'Upload' was visible (but never functional) in folders with more permissions than its parent folder.
  • FIX: Allow unauthenticated users to access resources when permissions have been explicitly granted.
  • FIX: Module's Settings page: Configure 'Group' mode settings.

2.4.2 (Sunday, January 31, 2016)

  • ENH: Compatible with DNN 8.
  • ENH: Delete folder is now recursive.
  • ENH: Improved download reports grid.
  • ENH: Improved dialog and error messages.
  • ENH: Speed improvements.
  • ENH: Smaller ZIP installer.
  • ENH: Better support for domain and server licenses.
  • ENH: Improved default templates.
  • FIX: When present in the template, 'Refresh', 'New Folder', and 'Upload File' are now hidden on the Search Results page.
  • FIX: Fixed error occurring when a folder path included some special characters.
  • FIX: Explicit removal of the module's Scheduled Task when the module is uninstalled.
  • FIX: Advanced search: small fix to prevent some term searches to fail.
  • FIX: Fixed multi-part upload error in Amazon S3 folders [Feb 7].

2.3.3 (Tuesday, December 22, 2015)

  • ENH: Hide 'add folder' and 'upload files' links (tokens) when the user doesn't have 'write' permissions in the current folder.
  • ENH: Workaround to allow downloading files of many GB (DNN bug setting an invalid file size for big files).
  • FIX: Avoid multiple email notifications about license expiration.

2.3.1 (Wednesday, October 28, 2015)

  • ENH: Custom date-time formats for the date-time tokens are supported (e.g. dd MMMM yyyy hh:mm tt)
  • ENH: The module supports uploading files of any size, even > 10GB. Note: The DNN Core will show an invalid size, because it cannot handle file sizes that big).
  • ENH: All actions are now included in the PopUp (context) menu.
  • ENH: New setting "Allow Description editing".
  • ENH: New setting "Allow Rename".
  • ENH: New setting to allow Host users to override the Max File Size Upload DNN Core setting, which is just 28MB.
  • ENH: The web.config 'max request lenght' value is no longer updated, because there is no need for that.
  • ENH: New setting: Deny access if the 'FolderId' QueryString value is missing. This is useful when you want to enforce a valid root FolderId to be defined by a QueryString value.
  • ENH: New setting: Deny access if the 'GroupId' QueryString value is missing. This is useful when you want to enforce a valid root GropuId (i.e. Role) to be defined by a QueryString value.
  • ENH: New token "ItemTitleSortLink" to allow sorting by Title.
  • ENH: New tokens 'TitleEditingDisabled' and 'DescriptionEditingDisabled'. These are useful to easily embed conditions in the templates.
  • ENH: New token 'EditName' (rename)
  • ENH: New token 'EditDescription' to call an UI from where you can add a free html text (full featured, using the configured DNN text editor provider) to any file.
  • ENH: New token 'ItemDescription' (free html text).
  • ENH: All the built-in templates were enhanced.
  • ENH: The Default template and the ones derived from it, are now responsive!
  • ENH: New 'Fluid' template. Same as the new Default template, useful for desktop and mobile clients, but including by default the file's Title and Description.
  • ENH: Standardized popup dialogs using the DNN core style.
  • ENH: Multi-part upload for Azure and S3 compatible with DNNGlobalStorage 4+
  • ENH: The File Upload library was upgraded
  • ENH: Global CSS and JS improvements.
  • ENH: Dynamic size for all PopUp dialogs (improved mobile support). [2.3.1]
  • FIX: Fixed possible cache issue when updating the license key.

2.2.0 (Tuesday, January 20, 2015)

  • ENH: New "Allow Overwrite" setting. When enabled, when a file that already exists is uploaded, it silently will overwrite the previous version. When disabled, the upload will be rejected.
  • ENH: Added more default templates.
  • FIX: The module's Settings Page was not being properly rendered when the "Enable Composite Files" Host Setting was enabled.

2.1.0 (Thursday, September 25, 2014)

  • ENH: New token: new token [UserFiles:QueryString|whatever]. Ideal for the 'Pattern' setting, it will include the querystring value of 'whatever' (any querystring value) in the root path.
  • ENH: New variation for the 'Download' token: [UserFiles:Download|ITEM:ItemName]. It will make the ItemName a clickable download link. Other fields can also be utilized. The supported fields are: ItemId, ItemName, ItemTitle, FolderPath, Size, SizeBytes, and Type
  • ENH: New new [UserFiles:ItemTitle] token. It is a description (title) of the file. You can use this Title instead of (or along with) the ItemName token.
  • ENH: New [UserFiles:EditTitle] token. As usual, this is also valid: [UserFiles:EditTitle|RESX:FileChangeTitle]. It allows the edition of a file's Title.
  • ENH: New 'Allow file's Title editing?' setting. When disabled, the 'EditTitle' token will not be rendered (i.e. users will not be able to edit file's titles).
  • ENH: New "Use 'Name' when the file has no 'Title'?" setting. For the 'ItemTitle' token, use the ItemName (instead of leaving it blank) when no Title was yet set for the file.
  • ENH: Server (physical web server machine) and domain w/subdomains  (*.example.com) licensing options.
  • ENH: New built-in 'Default - Variation (download by Title)' template, showing some of the new tokens in action.
  • ENH: New DNNUserFiles 2.1 Demo video
  • FIX: Fixed "Enable Composite Files" (Client Resource Management) compatibility (Host Settings > Advanced Settings)

2.0.4 (Wednesday, August 13, 2014)

  • FIX- Search by tags fixes (requires reindex).
  • CHG- Advanced search optimizations.
  • CHG- Advanced search behavior update (better subfolders handling, when using non-standard modes).
  • CHG- Search indexer: instead of excluding files for which their content fail to be parsed because a suitable iFilter is not installed in the server, it includes everything except its content.
  • CHG- On 'Group' mode, admins and host users now always have granted access.

2.0.2 (Thursday, July 31, 2014)

  • CHG - Requires DNN 7.1.0 or later.
  • ENH - Taxonomy: Files can be tagged (using DNN's Tag), and filtered by Tags.
  • ENH - Search enhancements (improved context filtering, new buttons to clear the search expressions, and more.)
  • ENH - New Tokens: [UserFiles:SearchTagsBox], [UserFiles:Tags], [UserFiles:EditTags], [UserFiles:TagsRaw], [UserFiles:TagsDisabled], [UserFiles:TrackDownloadsDisabled]
  • ENH - Default Templates improvements. For example, now is easier to hide disable features without changing the template files.
  • CHG - In new installations, the module's scheduled tasks will now be set to run every 5 minutes. This is to refresh the search index more often.

1.0.6 (Monday, June 30, 2014)

  • ENH - module's upgrade and license expiration notifications.
  • CHG - CSS updates.
  • FIX - Fixed date issues in some SQL Server configurations.

1.0.4 (Wednesday, June 18, 2014)

  • FIX - In some cases, when changed the date of one file, it also changed the date of other.
  • ENH - The 'Refresh' operation notifies when it is completed, even when the current folder has changed.
  • CHG - Localization (messages) improvements.

1.0.3 (Tuesday, June 17, 2014)

  • ENH - New 'Enable Get URL' setting.
  • ENH - New 'Show raw URL' setting.
  • CHG - Some RESX texts were updated.
  • FIX - Removed disabled actions from the Popup menu.
  • FIX - Fixed duplicated items in the list when users are shared between many portals.

1.0.2 (Friday, June 6, 2014)

  • ENH - Initial feature set.

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