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Quick Facts

  • Compatible with DotNetNuke 7, 6, 5 and 4  (*) 
  • SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/Azure all editions
  • Current version (DNN 4/5/6): 7.1.0 - Dec 6, 2013
  • Medium Trust support: Yes
  • External Components Dependency: None
  • Windows Azure Ready: Yes
  • Database location: Anywhere
  • DNN Extension type: Module

(*) Tested on DNN7 up to,7.2, DNN6 up to 6.2.6, and DNN5 up to 5.6.8. 

For SQL Server 2000, use DNNBackup 7.0.1 or earlier.
Also DNN 4.0.2 up to DNN 4.9.5.
For DNN 3.x, previous versions or BackupNative and BackupScript are available.


5.0 review rating Ray D says...

quote Until recently I hadn't really needed to use DNNBackup, but it had always seemed to work quite nicely. Last week we moved our site from one hosting provider to another. The previous hosting provider required a helpdesk ticket opened to request a SQL backup and the timeliness of their responses left something to be desired (one of the reasons we switched hosts). I used DNNBackup to create full backups of our site, tested restoring them on my local machine as well as on the staging site of our new hosting provider. I was able to do this many times until I was certain everything was going well. We were able to move our site in under an hour and have an exact copy of the site from the previous hosting provider at the moment in time that we created the backup. This is a fantastic product, not only as an insurance policy against something bad happening, but also for moving sites around and making it easy to create local copies of a production site for testing new modules, skins, settings,

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Demo / Documentation Videos

Cloning from an Evoq Social (on the Cloud) to a local machine

In this video we install DNNBackup in a DNN Evoq Social running on the Cloud, and we use it to clone the site to our notbook.

Cloning from an Evoq Social (on the Cloud) to a remote (not Azure) machine

In this video we'll restore the backup in a remote standard server. using the 'Restore Pack Loader' (a tiny web app that is installed in the server (via FTP) very fast.

Installing DNNBackup and performing your first backup

download the videoDownload this video

Cloning (restoring) your DotNetNuke Installation from your DNNBackup files

download the videoDownload this video

Configuring notifications and scheduled backups

download the videoDownload this video

Tools and General Options

download the videoDownload this video

(Advanced) Creating the database and Restoring when databaseOwner mismatch

download the videoDownload this video