DNNGlobalStorage - Using the DNN File System API

Any 3rd party module can take advantage of DNNGlobalStorage simply by using the DNN File System API (DNN Virtual File System) for all the file and folder related operation. The DNN core is using it everywhere, and many 3rd party vendors too.

By DNN File System API, module developers are abstracted from any knowledge about any cloud storage (S3, Box, etc.), FTP, UNC, or whatever. Example code to get a file's Url (no matter where it really is, if authentication is required or not, etc.:

   var file = FileManager.Instance.GetFile(fileId);
   return FileManager.Instance.GetUrl(file);    

Example code to get a file's content (as a stream). This code is valid for any local (standard) file, or files using the built-in "Secure" or "Database" providers, or files using GlobalStorage's "Box, "Google Drive" or whatever provider:

   var file = FileManager.Instance.GetFile(fileId, true);
   var content = FileManager.Instance.GetFileContent(file);

Example code to get the files in a given folder (again, it doesn't matter if the folder and files are actually local or in Amazon S3, Azure, an FTP server or whatever):

   var folder = FolderManager.Instance.GetFolder(portalID, folderPath);
   var files = FolderManager.Instance.GetFiles(folder, false, false);

You can find lots of examples about using properly the DNN File System API reviewing the DNN Core code (available in GitHub). Or perhaps, the built-in Intellisense in Visual Studio is enough.

DNNGlobalStorage - Demo/Sample Videos

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Creating a Google Drive connection (May 2017)

Creating a Dropbox connection (May 2017)

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Installing DNNGlobalStorage in DNN 7.1.0+

Configuring the Azure provider

Configuring the Amazon S3 provider

Configuring the BOX provider

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Configuring the Cloud Files provider

Configuring the FTP provider

Configuring the Google Drive provider

Configuring the Microsoft OneDrive provider

Configuring the Microsoft Office 365 (+ OneDrive for Business + SharePoint) provider

Configuring the UNC (network share) provider

Demoing the "Use Redirect Url" setting

Demoing Google Docs using the Google Drive provider

Demoing the DropBox provider

Google Drive: Configuring Permissions Demo (Part I)

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Quick Facts

  • Compatible with DNN 7.1 and up (including DNN 9 and DNN 8) (1)
  • Supported cloud storage: Windows Azure, Amazon S3Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Drive, BOX, Microsoft OneDriveUNC paths, Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and FTP.
  • .NET Requirement: 4.5 or higher
  • Microsoft Azure Ready: Yes
  • Medium Trust support: Yes (2)
  • DNN Extension type: Provider

- Use DNNGlobalStorage 1.x or 2.x for older DNN 6 and 7 version in .NET 3.5 or 4.0

- Except the FTP provider.
- Requires 'WebPermission'.


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