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DNNUpgrade Demo (from DNN 6.x to 7.x)

Demoing the DNNUpgrade's "Inventory" feature

DNNUpgrade Demo (from DNN 4.x to 7.x)



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5.0 review rating Darnell J says...

quote I was using DNN on Godaddy, and as many of you know, Godaddy and DNN sometimes have some conflicts. If it had not been for BackupScript, I would have lost 3 different DNN websites. The support I received while I was trying to recover my website was the absolute best. If it had not been for BackupScript, I would of lost hundreds of hours of work, and a lot of money. I own three licenses, and it was the best decision I have made in a long time.

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DNN Upgrade Testimonials

5.0 review rating Fred A says...

quote It is hard to say enough good things about DNNBackUp and DNN Upgrade. The products work well and are designed to be user-friendly. When questions arise, Horacio is there promptly to explain what needs to be done. The products make cloning and migrating websites about as easy as I expect this can be.

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