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DNNUpgrade Demo (from DNN 6.x to 7.x)

Demoing the DNNUpgrade's "Inventory" feature

DNNUpgrade Demo (from DNN 4.x to 7.x)



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5.0 review rating Terence W says...

quote What can I say that hasn't alreaady been said. Brilliant tool, easy to install, easy to configure, great response time to requests for help. What more could you want from a backup module. Oh and for those who use the same host as I do - ihostasp.net - the module works just fine for backup of both files and database. I did have a little confusion in regard to transferring my site to my local computer; didn't realise the restore pack was a separate download from the module so I've suggested a simple change to the documentation to make it a bit clearer. Now that I have that worked out I have to say this is a much better way of transferring or cloning a website than can be achieved by using Redgate to transfer the database as DNN Creative helpfully explained in a past article.

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DNN Upgrade Testimonials

5.0 review rating Samuel P says...

quote I had some problem and not able to upgrade one of my site from DNN 6.2.6 to 7.2.2 and decided to try DNNUpgrade. The product works great. The support team responded and help resolved some of the problem I have quickly. If you are maintaining a high value website using DNN and need to upgrade to newer version from time to time, DNNUpgrade is a valuable tool that will save you time and headache.

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