DNN Relocation (cloning) Services

We have many years of experience cloning, moving (relocating) and upgrading DNN installations. Our DNNBackup module (the sometimes best-selling, best rated product of all time in the DNN Store) was designed with cloning and relocating in mind. It allows you to easily do this by yourself, but many times and for many different reasons, users prefer to hand in this task to professionals. In Evotiva you will find the experts you are looking for.


In case you would like Evotiva to take care of the relocating or cloning processes, and you are not interested in regular (manual or scheduled backups) of you DNN Installation, there is no need for you to purchase DNNBackup or any other tool. The Evotiva experts will use their own toolset for the task, without charging any of their costs to you.


Please Contact Us for a quote. The time, effort, and therefore the cost required for this this service depends on many aspects such us if we could have direct (E.g. Remote Desktop) access to the source and/or destination servers (Web and Sql) or not, if the destination server(s) have SQL, IIS, and .NET already installed and properly configured or not, if the source and/or destination locations are on are shared hosting (and in which ISPs) or not, etc.



5.0 review rating Rutger S says...

quote This module saved me a lot of trouble twice already since I bought it less than a week ago. The user interface is great looking and self-explanatory. A good user manual is included, but you'll probably don't even need it. Backing up works perfectly, as does scheduling backup tasks. Restoring my live site to a local setup was also easily done. I haven't tried a restore of my live site, but I am confident this will work fine. A great module for a great price!

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