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  • The 'Restore Pack Loader' is a tiny (10 Kb) web application you can install (unzipping it in your web's root folder, and browsing to the <web-root>/RestoreWizardLoader.aspx page) in your destination sever instead of the complete 'Restore Pack'.
  • The 'Restore Pack Loader' will download and install for you the newest available version of the 'Restore Pack'. Note: it will overwrite your current web.config and other files.
  • It is a good practice to keep yourself a copy of the complete 'Restore Pack' in case you need it later (e.g. if your license key is not valid for the latest version of the 'Restore Pack').

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  • Since DNN 7.1, the DNN Core was changed (by DNN Corp) to do not automatically find and synchronize each root folder found on the configured provider. You'll have to manually create each one, and with the exact same 'case' (e.g. "Documents" and "documents" are not the same. You should call it same as it is in your remote storage. Ref.: https://dnntracker.atlassian.net/browse/DNN-3164

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File Version Release Date Download
 DNN Search and Replace

2.0 (for DNN 7)

03 Jun 2013 Download
 DNN Search and Replace

1.8 (for DNN 5.2+/6.0+/7.0+)

03 Apr 2013 Download
 LetMeIn (create host account)

1.0 (for DNN 4/5/6/7)

19 Aug 2010 Download



Before upgrading a module to a newer version, please make sure the service period of your license has not run out. Trying to upgrade with a version released after this date will invalidate your license key.

Be sure to verify in Configuration > License Key and Details, your "Maintenance Expiration Date" BEFORE upgrading the module. If this date is previous to the date of the release you would like to install, once installed the module will NOT work.

If you have a Perpetual key, it will work forever, it does not expire. What the "Maintenance Expiration Date" rule is the period in which you can get free upgrades.

If you have installed by mistake a new version invalid for your "Maintenance Expiration Date", uninstall the module and install an older version suitable for your service period (stated by the "Maintenance Expiration Date").


Legacy Versions



5.0 review rating Vijay R says...

quote This is truly a life saver! Whenever I upgrade or make any major changes to the DNN site, I use this backup module and it acts like Insurance: if you experience a loss [of DNN functionality after an upgrade or a major change], you can claim [restore from the backup] easily. I recommend this to all DNN hosts. If there is a way to backup and restore individual portals (child or parent portals), that would be even fantastic!

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