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    DNNBackup NOTES:
    • The 'Restore Pack Loader' is a tiny (10 Kb) web application you can install (unzipping it in your web's root folder, and browsing to the <web-root>/RestoreWizardLoader.aspx page) in your destination sever instead of the complete 'Restore Pack'.
    • The 'Restore Pack Loader' will download and install for you the newest available version of the 'Restore Pack'. Note: it will overwrite your current web.config and other files.
    • It is a good practice to keep yourself a copy of the complete 'Restore Pack' in case you need it later (e.g. if your license key is not valid for the latest version of the 'Restore Pack').

    DNNGlobalStorage NOTES:
    • Since DNN 7.1, the DNN Core was changed (by DNN Corp) to do not automatically find and synchronize each root folder found on the configured provider. You'll have to manually create each one, and with the exact same 'case' (e.g. "Documents" and "documents" are not the same. You should call it same as it is in your remote storage. Ref.:


    Before upgrading a module to a newer version, please make sure the service period of your license has not run out. Trying to upgrade with a version released after this date will invalidate your license key.

    Be sure to verify in Configuration > License Key and Details, your "Maintenance Expiration Date" BEFORE upgrading the module. If this date is previous to the date of the release you would like to install, once installed the module will NOT work.

    If you have a Perpetual key, it will work forever, it does not expire. What the "Maintenance Expiration Date" rule is the period in which you can get free upgrades.

    If you have installed by mistake a new version invalid for your "Maintenance Expiration Date", uninstall the module and install an older version suitable for your service period (stated by the "Maintenance Expiration Date").

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        5.0 review rating Pieter says...

        quote This module is a MUST-HAVE! The functionality is no doubt one of the things that professional users of dotnetnuke miss most: backup/restore functionality from within & transportation between environments. Instead of having to go through the pain of manually taking backups of your database and files, and logging on to the server / FTP to do all that, having all of this done by a module is a great idea. Not only a time-saver, but also a life-saver as you'll need a backup lying around when you least expect it... And if you don't have control over restoring but have to rely on your hosting company to do it, this is a way to take control. Regarding the options of the module: they are really extensive. For example, you can set which folders to exclude on the file backup, or which tables on the database backup, you can customize buffers for the zip and set the amount of compression, etc. You might want to fiddle with some these options depending on your environment's available resources.

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