DNNBackup - Licensing


The most popular licensing options:



  • Private Assembly:
  • Source Code:
  • Redistribution:
  • Unlimited 'localhost' installations.
  • Native SQL Server backups are fully supported on any site/URL.

Standard (Perpetual)

  • Private Assembly:
  • Source Code:
  • Redistribution:
  • Free updates: 6 months
  • One DNN production Installation
  • Unlimited 'localhost' installations.
  • Perpetual key valid for one DNN installation: ALL portals (parent and child) are included in the backup or restore operation.
  • The license key is issued for one URL (e.g. www.example.com). All operations must be performed from the licensed base URL.

Enterprise (Subscription)

  • Private Assembly:
  • Source Code:
  • Redistribution:
  • Free updates: 12 months 
  • Unlimited DNN production Installations
  • Unlimited 'localhost', "dnndev.me", or '*.local' installations.
  • Subscription key (valid for one year) on unlimited DNN installations.
    • it includes all the module's updates released within the licensed year.
    • Once the key expires, it can be renewed at a discount price. The new expiration date is based on the previous key's expiration date (not in the new key's purchase date).
  • Free updates: Within the maintenance period (which starts on the purchase date) you can download any new release, and upgrade your product for free.

DNNBackup - Editions

Backup Features

Feature  Free Edition   Licensed Edition (1)
Database maintenance tasks Yes Yes
Tools (database tables and file system size analysis) Yes Yes
Backup Folder Browser Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Yes
Database native backups Yes (2) Yes (2)
Database 'script' backups No Yes
Scheduled backups No Yes
Offsite/cloud Backups No Yes
Password-protected backup files No Yes
Custom compression level for the backup files No Yes
Customizable backup folder name No Yes
Customizable backup file name No Yes
Silent mode can be enabled No Yes
Customizable file retention policy No Yes
Complete files backups Yes Yes
Configurable exclusions on files backups No Yes
Configurable external folders to include in the files backups No Yes

Restore Wizard

Feature Free Edition  Licensed Edition (1)
Native database backup restores Yes (2) Yes (2)
'Script' database backup restores No Yes
Portal files backup restores Yes Yes
Allow 'Unzip any Zip file' operation No Yes
Allow Database 'SQL Query Utility'' operation No Yes


(1) Perpetual and Subscription keys, or the 'Free Edition' running on a 'locahost' or '*.local' web site.
(2) When allowed by the hosting environment.

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5.0 review rating Sean S says...

quote Does exactly what it is supposed to do, and that is work! Godaddy is TOO restrictive on everything, but with this tool you can get it up there, running, and get it done NOW! It took my site about 1/2 hour, with all the adjustments I had to make, but the software is quick, and the instructions are clear. Worth the money, get it if you are on godaddy and you plan to move your site from a non-godaddy machine to them (for the first time or not). Remeber you cannot RESTORE a DB that is backuped on a NON-GODADDY server, but with this, no problem...

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