DNNGlobalStorage - Demo/Sample Videos

DNN 9+ : Installing DNNGlobalStorage and applying a license key

Creating a Google Drive connection (May 2017)

Creating a Dropbox connection (May 2017)

Creating a Box connection (May 2017)

Installing DNNGlobalStorage in DNN 7.1.0+

Configuring the Azure provider

Configuring the Amazon S3 provider

Configuring the BOX provider

Configuring the DropBox provider

Configuring the Cloud Files provider

Configuring the FTP provider

Configuring the Google Drive provider

Configuring the Microsoft OneDrive provider

Configuring the Microsoft Office 365 (+ OneDrive for Business + SharePoint) provider

Configuring the UNC (network share) provider

Demoing the "Use Redirect Url" setting

Demoing Google Docs using the Google Drive provider

Demoing the DropBox provider

Google Drive: Configuring Permissions Demo (Part I)


5.0 review rating Pieter says...

quote This module is a MUST-HAVE! The functionality is no doubt one of the things that professional users of dotnetnuke miss most: backup/restore functionality from within & transportation between environments. Instead of having to go through the pain of manually taking backups of your database and files, and logging on to the server / FTP to do all that, having all of this done by a module is a great idea. Not only a time-saver, but also a life-saver as you'll need a backup lying around when you least expect it... And if you don't have control over restoring but have to rely on your hosting company to do it, this is a way to take control. Regarding the options of the module: they are really extensive. For example, you can set which folders to exclude on the file backup, or which tables on the database backup, you can customize buffers for the zip and set the amount of compression, etc. You might want to fiddle with some these options depending on your environment's available resources.

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