DNN UserFiles - Demo & Documentation Videos

Demoing the "Subscriptions and Notifications" add-on

DNNGlobalStorage 4.5 + DNNUserFiles 3.4 - Opening files hosted in the cloud

What's new in UserFiles version 3.2

UserFiles version 3.0 - DNN 9: Installing the module and applying a license key

UserFiles version 3.0 - Basic Features Overview

UserFiles version 3.0 - Basic Features Overview Part 2

UserFiles version 3.0 - Understanding DNN Folders Permissions

UserFiles version 3.0 - Advanced Search Demo

UserFiles version 3.0 - Demoing some Advanced Features

Demoing the 'Share URL' feature (UserFiles version 2)

Demoing the 'Folder pattern' feature (UserFiles version 2)

Templates and Localization options (part 1) - UserFiles version 2

Templates and Localization options (part 2) - UserFiles version 2

Taxonomy demo (files tagging and filtering) - UserFiles version 2

Use case: Integration with Accord LMS - UserFiles version 2

DNNUserFiles 2.1 Demo

DNN 8: Installing the DNN UserFiles module, and applying a license key

A quick look at DNNUserFiles' basic functions



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