DNN (DotNetNuke) Support Services

Our experience with lots of DNN installations, upgrades, and different DNN versions (we are working with DNN since the last of the 2.x series), as well as administrating DNN installations of many sizes and complexities. brought us good experience dealing with broken, faulty or hard to solve issues.


We can help you with your problem. Due to the nature of this work, we cannot provide a quote in advance, and most likely we will be unable to estimate how many times could it take to solve the problem (and even if the problem could be solved at all), because there are too many variables and unknowns involved.


What we do know is that we are experienced, trustable, and reasonable people. For each specific problem, we’ll look for the best possible solution, in the best possible conditions. Please Contact Us and tell us about the DNN issue you need help with.



5.0 review rating Hugo L says...

quote Horacio and Evotiva Support were absolutely amazing. Not once did I feel my endless questions were too much trouble. Each time Horacio responded swiftly and professionally. Horacio worked through all my issues diligently and went to get lengths (and way beyond my expectations) to get my quite complex requests solved. There might be other backup and restore solutions out there but I do not think they could match the level of support of this team. Evotiva support, You have done your job brilliantly. Thank you.

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